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LuckyShopper Bag Instructions

LuckyShopper - Heavy Canvas

This little LuckyShopper is for you!  Once you make the first one, you’ll be able to make them any size.  Use a heavy canvas for a sturdy bag.  Click here to download the pattern.  Happy Sewing!!


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Cornucopia and flyer

The latest BagShare to open is in Northampton at Cornucopia. This is a great health food store located in Thornes Market.

The bags have been mostly sewn by inmates at The Hampshire House of Correction. Volunteers from the BagShare have been volunteering every two weeks at the jail teaching the guys to sew. Their skills have improved. Some of the initial bags were poorly made and we realized that putting the handles on is quite skill intensive. It’s very inspiring for everyone involved.

A plan is in the works to have a show at the jail of creative bags made by inmates, staff and volunteers. I’ll keep you posted on when the show will open!

If you want to sew bags for Cornucopia, Florence Hardware, The Odyssey Bookshop, Coopers Corner or The Creamery you can sew at home and drop them off at any of those places. You can now pick up the tags at Florence Hardware. Please sew them on the front of the bags. Happy sewing!

I’m going to attempt to upload a pdf of a flyer. If this works please print jailflyer2 it out and post .



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Depressing,but effective picture

Hello out there,

This picture works wonders if you are trying to convince a store owner or friend to stop using plastic bag

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